Angry Lady

I started dating him for about six months ago. I am madly in love with him and also insanely jealous of him! I am jealous of him for everything and I do not know how to get rid of it!
In particular, I can not help himself, and jealous of him to the former. One of which continues to talk with him a lot “as a friend!” Because they know a long time and their attitude was friendly, even after the novel’s theirs, they are still friends and prezhdnemu tightly to communicate! I can not, I am burning with jealousy! I go into a rage when she calls, when he was talking to her, and when we find ourselves in the same company, and certainly do not find a place where he was going somewhere with friends, for some reason I can not go to them, and I know she will be there! I do not know how to fight! How to deal with such a pathological jealousy, because at its basis, we often ssrorimsya and we have conflicts, because I just can not control myself!

30 April 2012

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