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Personal Financial Plan - a document that reflects the current state of your affairs, your personal financial goals and a realistic plan to achieve them, that is, savings and investment. “First of all, the document - the director of the consulting group” personal capital “Vladimir Savenok. - It must be transferred to the paper. If a personal financial plan exists only in your head, it will not be realized.” The average period for which prepared a personal financial plan, is 10 years.

30 April 2012

Angry Lady
On exhibition at the Kamchatka Administration removed the caricature of Putin, Medvedev and the oligarchs

• "Yes you are rich as a Russian!" The Germans were shocked by the expensive purchases of Russians are sure that most of us are counting the money they do not know »»»
“Yes you are rich as a Russian!” - Have heard the other day one of the authors of this article from Berlin taxi driver, received a tip … two euros.
• Fradkov's youngest son became deputy head of the manager of the president »»»
Pavel Fradkov, the son of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.
• "CRC-FSO": Ukropatrioty outraged sink Ukraine in Sochi »»»
All night the Patriots produced signs and license plates reading "CRC-FSO" because "Kerry also leaked.
• Today, 11,000 people gathered in white in the center of Paris. And in 60 cities around the world »»»
Until Thursday evening June 14 kept a closely guarded secret venue in Paris, the traditional campaign called “Dinner in White.
• What is more real? »»»
Aliens or ghosts, which is more realistic? Existence, this world is not yet proven.