On exhibition at the Kamchatka Administration removed the caricature of Putin, Medvedev and the oligarchs

April 26, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky exhibition of 34-year-old talented cartoonist Dennis Lopatin. Arriving before the opening of the museum, Denis found that the exposure of the disappeared six works were mostly caricatures of Medvedev and Putin. So they place on the show did not get. Dennis believes that policy, officials should tolerate more attention to her paparazzi, cartoonists, all of society and not become hysterical.

Cartoonist says that the figure of the oligarchs hamster. A director of the museum saw in animal krysenysha, facial features looking like a well-known character and kratinu removed from harm’s way. I came up with the name of a cartoon: a) Lure 2) In the feed, you did it nourished, and that hurt can bite!

It was found that the cartoons “medvedoputov” withdrew himself from the show director of the state “of the Kamchatka Regional Museum of Art,” Tatiana Bikovets. About it all, including Lopatin, and the artist himself, saying that it is a good and respectable aunt. But, like many, the sacrifice of present circumstances and living in captivity fear that it is better to remove just in case, and that something might not work. That is, She has worked self-censorship, and the type of slavery in her heart she does not become obsolete. Because in Russia, many examples where linguists and art historians from the lackeys of the current government will make a easy verdict that the literary (or painted), the product, slogan, picture, picture show signs of extremism, insulting someone’s honor and dignity, well trained court will only to make such examination of the verdict in favor of power.

1 May 2012

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