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Rocket (rukkolla, arugula, rukolla, gulyavnik, arugula, rucola, rocket, arugula, rocket, roquette, rugula) - spicy, with a slight pleasant bitterness, slightly oily to the touch grass. This spice is used in cooking in ancient Rome. In the wild form is known as a medicinal gulyavnik. Rocket has gained popularity among the lovers of the Mediterranean, primarily Italian cuisine, thanks to a specific nut and mustard to taste.

12 May 2012

Two hundred and fifty Chechens came to beat the Dagestani villagers
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• Everyone knows the tale of ryabe hen that laid the golden egg How to Cook Chicken »»»
Two recipes: Chicken in a light and dark beer. Chicken in wine with nuts (one of the options for making Chahohbili).
• For the Brazilian clown ready to vote more than a million voters. However, he can not get into parliament because of the inability to read and write »»»
Brazilian clown Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, also known by the nickname Tiririka, participates in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country.
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Samsung S5230 Star. Large widescreen 3-inch TFT-screen with a resolution of 240×400 pixels built on a capacitive technology is offered at a reasonable price that will pleasantly surprise you.
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Italian cruise ship “Costa Concordia” could hit a reef due
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In South Korea, is rapidly gaining popularity new nationwide craze.