The German dropped a magical Mayan skull - perhaps the end of the world still come

“If the world would cease to exist on December 21, all will be guilty muddler, a German, who dropped made of volcanic rock skull once belonged to the SS boss Heinrich Himmler” - lamenting Daily Mail.

Tabloid specifies that the age of an artifact is about one thousand years, it weighs about three pounds. The skull in the years 1937-1939 was taken by the Germans from Tibet, then owned by the Nazi functionary Heinrich Himmler, and then migrated to some British soldier who was present at the arrest of Himmler, and then to the historian Thomas Ritter. The scientist expressed confidence that the laboratory staff is not an oversight, “angered the gods.”

Thing suffered while taking pictures in a German laboratory in the fall of the “chin” broke off a large piece, said an eyewitness. According to Ritter, the Nazis believed that those who collect these 13 skulls will have power over the world. Some believe that the skull endowed with magical powers and can save mankind from the apocalypse, adds Daily Mail.

14 May 2012

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