In the Sverdlovsk region police chief right on the front porch beat local authority offices Boots

Sysert emergency in an area right on the front porch beaten by police chief of ATS Sysert Aramilskomu and urban districts, Colonel Mikhail Trubnikov. “He was severely beaten on the porch of the police directly - told” URA.Ru “one of the locals. - Bill the local crime boss, nicknamed Boots. Police came to the rescue only when Trubnikov has already been broken.”
Note the 35-year-old Michael Trubnikov arrived in Sverdlovsk region, together with the “Moscow landing” at the beginning of 2011. Notably, in the Urals, he led the police “Ural Rublevki” (as they call Sysert district), and in Moscow was in the police Rublevki present - in the Odintsovo district. Father Michael Trubnikov - once an influential General Vyacheslav Trubnikov, who in the early 2000s was the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Federation. (For stories about Trubnikov told that to work in the area Sysert he arrived at the “Bentley”, but to confirm the validity of this information has not yet been).
The press service of the State Ministry of the Interior of the Sverdlovsk region “URA.Ru” confirmed the incident. “It all happened around 17:00. This citizen born in 1978 was summoned for questioning in the police department building, the office manager. However, going up to the porch, he said that is not going to go inside, and if anyone needs it - can get to whom. released Colonel Trubnikov, who came without words struck in the face. hit so strong, the soft tissues dissected, received a concussion. course, immediately arrested the assailant, now underway with investigations, “- told the press service .

15 May 2012

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