Musicians will arrange a “watchdog walk” along the boulevards of Moscow after the artists and writers

Another action, entitled “Control walk” after the writers and artists are going to take place in the center of Moscow by famous Russian artists.

“I phoned Sasha Lipnitsky (former musician of” The Sound of Mu. “-” Herald “), which says that we should do,” Control walk “musicians”, - informed “Interfax” music critic Artem Troitsky, who came to the place of gathering opposition in the park at the metro station “Barrikadnaya.”

According to him, the organizers of the event has not yet decided which route to take and when this action, but he is willing to join. Visited on Sunday the “reference walk” literati musician Andrei Makarevich said “” that he did not join the rally going.

“I see no reason to repeat the number. I enjoyed a walk in the resurrection of the writers with their friends, but do not intend to become a professional truant on the boulevards, irritating riot” - told Makarevich.

Manager known for his participation in protests leading DDT Yuri Shevchuk, Elena Cherry said “” that does not exclude the participation of musicians in such a walk, but everything will depend on the date of the event and tour schedule.

Earlier, a group of Russian artists after the writers decided to arrange a Saturday, the day of a citywide campaign, “Night at the Museum”, a walk along the boulevards. 25 artists are going to bring in their works on hand carts to Sretensky, Christmas, Petrovsky, and Chistoprudny Boulevard. Participants of the “nomadic museum” was invited to head the Department of Culture of Moscow Sergey Kapkova open “Night at the Museum” held in Moscow this project, the official said yes and said “” that does not consider the action of artists and writers political.

Last Sunday at Moscow’s boulevards in the “Verification walks” were well-known writers. Boris Akunin, Dmitry Bykov, Viktor Shenderovich and others wanted to make sure that the capital’s boulevards can walk without government permission.

Police detained the people in the center of Moscow 7, 8 and 9, while walking the boulevards of the capital of the opposition. After that, the protesters began to open-ended “festivities.” Share writers called “Control Walk”, organized in response to the detention of innocent people, brought together thousands of people who passed along the boulevards from Pushkin Square to the opposition camp “Abai invaders” in the Clean Ponds.

16 May 2012

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