Camp “folk festivals” the opposition will get the status of the municipal festival

How the “Y”, Moscow’s opposition camp, moved yesterday after riot police disperse a Clean Ponds to “barricade” may get a permanent registration and protection from the police. Today, municipal deputies Presnensky district will come together to give the opposition the event status of the festival. Thus, elected December 4 last year, members of the first independent local institutional support street protests in the city. The city authorities say they will make it not so easy.

The opposition camp near the monument to Abai on Clean Ponds (called “OkkupayAbay”), which arose spontaneously on May 9 in response to the dispersal of the “March of millions” by riot police, yesterday was forced to relocate. Early in the morning, police arrested 20 protesters and cordoned off the Chistoprudniy Boulevard. The occasion was the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow, who turned 12 residents Chistoprudny Boulevard, perturbed by the fact that the opposition are noisy and spoil lawns (see yesterday’s “b”).

About 70 protesters moved to the area Kudrinskaya near the metro station “Barrikadnaya.” Already by noon the camp returned to its normal mode: one of the benches arranged “information center, and the lost and found” and handed out leaflets, and the residents of nearby high-rise buildings threatened activists by the police, if they will drop onto the lawn.

However, as stated, “b” Helen Weaver, Deputy Municipal Assembly Presnensky district whose territory is situated Kudrinskaya area, the new camp will not be overclocking. “On Thursday we will gather with colleagues to agree to” Barricadnaya “festival. Thus, the camp will receive the official status”, - assured Mrs Weaver. However, she referred to the municipal charter, which gives local deputies the right to “create conditions for the entertainment.” Therefore, according to Mrs. Weaver, to authorize the shares belonging to the category of cultural events, can municipal deputies, bypassing the town hall. Similarly, we recall, was organized by the celebration of the anniversary of the “All-Russian People’s Front” (ONF), May 6 at Poklonnaya Hill. Representatives of ONF apply to the mayor’s office did not, citing the fact that their action is of cultural events.

The idea of ​​Mrs. Weaver was supported by the organizers of the camp. Today the State Duma Sergey Ponomarev, Dmitry Gudkov, as well as the camp commandant Ilya Yashin will discuss with her the details of the festival organization.

17 May 2012

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