To date, despite the diversity of beers, beer industry does not stand still. Every brewer wants to bring real individuality in the brewing process and create something special and exclusive. We want each of our clients felt himself a pioneer, so its part, we are creating a beer that will satisfy your needs.

Creation of individual recipes for a special customer request professional brewers conducted in the laboratory ZIP, then set up our equipment for the manufacture of this particular kind of beer by the automation system that controls all the processes of brewing.

All varieties of beer, depending on the technology of fermentation can be divided into three main types:

Beer is fermented (Ale), can provide a large number of varieties and brands, with their very diverse range of flavor characteristics. In England, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Belgium produce the most well-known ales. But the German upland varieties of beer, they have little to do.

Bottom-fermented beers (Lager) was discovered in the Middle Ages, monks from southern Germany. And before that, almost all Europeans have done with the use of only beer fermentation. New technology is the length of maturation of young beer in the cold and the horses go in the Bavarian Alps, where in the XV century, beer was kept at a temperature close to zero, the ice caves and deep cellars of the monastery.

As long as humanity has not opened up and learned to use the cultural yeast, spontaneous fermentation of wort was the only possible way to get beer (microorganisms that cause fermentation are present in the wort and get it out of thin air).

To date, nearly 90% of industrial production of beer to treat bottom-fermenting But do not get confused with so abundantly flooded the shelves of retail brands. As a rule, they represent some form of just one beer - Pilsner. Lager and Plisner have become somewhat synonymous and mean the beers, basically, the most popular and the brand. But the camp also have the attitude and pilsner varieties, such as side and double side, Vienna, Munich, Dortmund.

We try to give a brief description of the main and most famous beers that you can try out with us:

Group of the darkest beers, prepared from a mixture of conventional and roasted malt and has a strong hop taste. STOUT - mostly English drink. Out of the darkest sort STOUT is Extra Stout, which, incidentally, applies to a great GUINNESS. The ideal serving temperature 10-12 ° C. Suitable for meat, cooked on the grill, as well as possibly in combination with chocolate and sweets.

Wheat beer of Southern Germany, 50-67% wheat malt. This is usually a light beer, but prepare and dark (Dunkel Weizen). Some brands of wheat beer in bottles dobrazhivayut (Hefeweizen), it is yeast sediment in suspension. Wheat beer is low in hops and has a flavor of cloves from a special type of yeast. It is best served with fish dishes, cheese and as an aperitif, chilled to 7-10 ° C.

First beer was prepared in Pilsen in the Czech Republic and was the first clear beer. Low density, light yellow in color. The unique environmental conditions and the latest technology has made WARSTEINER one of the most popular brands of this kind in the world. The ideal serving temperature - 7-10 ° C. It goes well with dishes of Japanese, Chinese, Asian cuisine.

17 May 2012

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