Salad of pears and celery

Salad of pears and salad seldereyaV this successful mix reddish pear, celery and cauliflower. A pumpkin seeds can help to reveal it is absolutely unusual vkus.Salat celery, pears and kolrabiVse wash vegetables and herbs. Pear clear from the core, pumpkin seeds on a dry frying pan, mint finely narubit.Kolrabi, pear and celery cut into small slices. In salad bowl mix all ingredients, pour over dressing and sprinkle with pumpkin semechkami.Dlya filling: Combine in a small container linseed oil, lemon juice, honey and white pepper, mix.

21 May 2012

Russian Constitutional Court: Liability for exceeding the stated number of protesters is only possible if a real threat to order and security
More than three is not collected. The State Duma intends to introduce fines for “the mass of citizens at the same time stay in one place”

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