More than three is not collected. The State Duma intends to introduce fines for “the mass of citizens at the same time stay in one place”

Members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation intend to introduce fines for this kind of protest, as “walking.” As a REGNUM correspondent on May 21, the proposal contained in the amendment to the draft resolution to the bill that increases fines up to 1, 5 million for violations at the rallies. Expected to introduce a penalty “for the organization has a mass public event features simultaneous holding of citizens in public places, which prohibits the holding of public events that resulted in a violation of public order, health regulations, rules of conduct in public places, the functioning of critical infrastructure and communications, damage to greenery, interferes with pedestrian traffic or transport, access to civil infrastructure, or which caused harm to human health or property if such action does not contain a criminal offense, “the document notes that, as expected, the State Duma will discuss at the meeting of May 22.

At the same time is prescribed, and the right of the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, local authorities determine the common or adapted specifically reserved for collective discussion of socially significant questions and expressions of public sentiment space usage is determined by the law of the subject of the Russian Federation.

It is also proposed to consolidate the right of the organizer of a public event to request from an authorized official of the Interior to remove from a place of public assembly of persons who do not meet the legal requirements of the organizer.

Complemented by the proposed changes the law “On Assemblies, Rallies, Demonstrations, Processions and Picketing”, in particular, a possible recognition of the judgment the person is actually directed the actions of members of the public event, the organizer of a public event.
It is planned to limit the rights of persons with unexpunged or outstanding conviction for an offense against public order or security of any two or more times subject to administrative responsibility for the administrative offense within one year from the date of completion of execution of the decision on administrative punishment to be the organizers of public events, the right local authorities or executive authorities of the Russian Federation did not agree on such person filed an application for a public event.

21 May 2012

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