Alex Bulk: “Two years ago I began to publish papers that are mostly pretty boring, but people thought it very interesting. This kind of legal online show”

With the advent of Mr. Bildt Bulk passes in English, which for a student at Yale would be more free. However, he warned that knowledge of English is not the best quality.

- You are straight star in this system. It’s impressive - does compliment the minister.

- This popularity is not such a surprise for me - Bulk parries. - I just initiated an investigation of corruption. Two years ago I began to publish papers that are mostly pretty boring, but people thought it very interesting. This kind of legal online show.

An ardent revolutionist says the foreign minister of the state of corruption, operating with the names of various corporations. And expresses confidence that the graft can be overcome. Of course, not without the participation of the West. Alex Bulk provides information with which they could “put pressure on Russian police”: “I do not want you to come into the fight with Russian corruption, I want you to protect the interests of its citizens.” And gives advice on how best to do it.

- What is the worst nightmare for the Russian rich corrupt? The ban on travel to Europe. It is unimaginable - a lot of money and not be able to go to France or the States.

- This is a very good point - agrees Bildt.

- Here lies the most powerful potential - Bulk continues. - If they face this danger, they will begin to change. I am absolutely sure. I have, perhaps, naive and romantic hope that I will draw the greedy American lawyers to fight the corrupt company. But even to initiate this process, I need a huge amount of money. Greedy U.S. lawyers will not work for free.

24 May 2012

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