Assistant to the Chechen envoy Magomadov GUM beat guard and broke his nose

Device representative of the Chechen Republic under the President of Russia may lose even one of his staff and again because of a fight at the mall. Most recently, for the conduct of his wife’s workplace have lost the official Mingala, this time, according to exclusive footage and documents, which we managed to get in a brawl took part directly to the Assistant of the Plenipotentiary Representative.

He broke his nose guard to the GUM, the criminal complaint was denied, and this story has not received any publicity, if not shooting, you commented on, our correspondent Alexander Samokhvalov.

25 May 2012

Alex Bulk: “Two years ago I began to publish papers that are mostly pretty boring, but people thought it very interesting. This kind of legal online show”
Tuna Salad

• Love for a Russian woman brought the Nigerian to Vorkuta from 60 degree frost. The first African to officially registered in the Arctic. »»»
The love of a young Russian woman forced to accept a Nigerian Vorkuta lyutymi frosts and learn how to sculpt snowmen.
• More than three is not collected. The State Duma intends to introduce fines for "the mass of citizens at the same time stay in one place" »»»
Members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation intend to introduce fines for this kind of protest, as “walking.
• 50 people attacked a police station in the suburbs »»»
The crowd tried to rescue from the department arrested for fighting with police.
• Civic activists have checked the documents of the police »»»
April 22 civil society activists carried out in several cities of Russia “Day of verification of documents.
• Chairman of the Standing Committee on Crime Prevention Deputy Mayor Zarechny organized attack on the recreation of his friends from the 30-bit and travmatikoy »»»
Skirmish on the beach in Zarechny, which hit several people, provoked the wife of deputy chief of staff, making a brawl.