St. Petersburg police stopped the rally toys

The police of St. Petersburg ousted opposition camp of Alexander Garden near the Admiralty. One of the leaders of the protesters said Olga Kurnosova May 26 to “Interfax” that the reason for this reaction was a rally of toys.

“At first, police did not like the exposed us to the park toys and slogans that these toys were kept, - explained Kurnosova. - At first they asked us to remove these toys, found out who the owner, and eventually accused us that we spend an unsanctioned rally” .

As the “Echo of Petersburg,” on Saturday, the opposition put in a park of toy animals that are kept in the clutches of small posters, “Putin - byaka”, “Putin does not want to play with you”, “Putin - bueshechka.” Such “mini-rallies soft toys” were held in the previous days ‘folk festivals’, but were held without major incidents.

After the suppression of the shares in the Alexander Gardens opposition moved into the area of ​​the Arts. Toy demonstrators, according to “Echoes of St. Petersburg”, will also continue to communicate with citizens in the new location.

“A festival” in St. Petersburg as in Moscow and other Russian cities, began shortly after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. May 10, St. Petersburg camp was located in the park on St. Isaac’s Square. May 22, protesters moved to the Alexander Garden, as authorities closed in St. Isaac’s Square, under the pretext of improvement works.

26 May 2012

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