In Red Square started “White defile”

16:35 Activists in white climbed the stage of the Execution Ground, there waved ribbons and photographed. Many came with their children, also dressed in white.

Back to the exit from the area of ​​people have tried to keep out. “The entrance to the Mausoleum is closed!” - Heard through a megaphone. But it came to the rescue chief ordered subordinates to open a passage: the police, it seems, can not decide what to do.

As soon as the men in white came from Red Square to go to the Alexander Garden, as announced through a megaphone: “Alexander Garden is closed!” The people there were pulled to the door. Through the gate immediately stopped to let the input. “What a shame!” - Resent walking, going to the Manege Square.

16:18 in Moscow began the next event in a series of white walks. Today at the Red Square civic activists, it was stated “White defile”: people with white ribbons and dressed in white going for a walk on the main square. Recall from March festivities with white ribbons held every Sunday at the Red Square, the police sometimes come detained, although they have not raised placards and shouting slogans.

Here, on the Red Square in the morning is “The Eighth Forum TRP”: on deployed directly on the pavement areas play basketball, volleyball and badminton, are fighting Sambo. The event occupied almost the entire Red Square. Meanwhile, at 16.00 in front of the Historical Museum brought together about 100 men dressed in white.

Some people handing out white ribbons. Some inscriptions on T-shirts “I rock the boat” and portraits of Abai Kunanbaev. Police in the area a lot, but it just silently watching the scene. The activists forced the band to enter the Tower of the Kremlin. Policeman came up, but reacted peacefully. “Want to take a white ribbon? Let us take pictures with you! Where is your badge?” - Sprashivatgulyayuschie began, and he withdrew. People go for free activities of the area near the Kremlin wall. Along the walking slowly goes Police passenger car.

27 May 2012

St. Petersburg police stopped the rally toys
On air BBC mistook the UN flag with the logo of the computer “shooter” Halo

• In Moscow, Red Square is blocked. The authorities feared flash mob with balls and ribbons »»»
In Moscow, Red Square blocked, the correspondent of “” The reasons for the overlap information is not available.
• Opposition to one day turn the Red Square in the "white" »»»
On Sunday, April 1 rally organizers “For Fair Elections” will hold a rally near the Kremlin.
• St. Petersburg police stopped the rally toys »»»
The police of St. Petersburg ousted opposition camp of Alexander Garden near the Admiralty.
• Today, 11,000 people gathered in white in the center of Paris. And in 60 cities around the world »»»
Until Thursday evening June 14 kept a closely guarded secret venue in Paris, the traditional campaign called “Dinner in White.
• Civic activists have checked the documents of the police »»»
April 22 civil society activists carried out in several cities of Russia “Day of verification of documents.