On air BBC mistook the UN flag with the logo of the computer “shooter” Halo

During the reporting on the conflict in Syria, instead of BBC journalists of the UN emblem was taken to screen the logo of the video game Halo.

Within 30 seconds behind the TV presenter Sophie Revort logo next to the human rights organization Amnesty International is not wearing the blue and white UN flag and the black and gold symbol of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) of the popular shooter.

It seems that journalists summed image search in Google: the fact that at the request UNSC (UN Security) provides a search engine logo, Space Command, Halo, an acronym which coincides with the acronym of the Council.

Error BBC is not unique. For example The CanAsian Times also confused with the real and the fictional logo: currently in their material about Syria also used images from Halo as an illustration to the UN Security Council.

29 May 2012

In Red Square started “White defile”
A new and a newspaper article

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