St. Petersburg urge to avenge the founder of the social network “Facebook” for “holiday” Day of Action in the city.

Together with the Deputy Ilya Perekopsk Durov Paul ran from the window of his office on Nevsky Prospect, paper airplanes from the five thousandth bills. There are literally down the drain was put about 50 thousand rubles. Seeing that this is real money, passers-by began to catch the “gifts from heaven,” began a few fights. Witnesses say that the picture was very humiliating.

- My colleagues have decided to support the holiday atmosphere in the form of a small action, but had to stop rapidly - people began to become brutalized, - has explained his trick Durov.

St. Petersburg, however, such support is not rated. Now on the Internet immediately deployed two campaigns against Paul Durova and its offspring. Part of the encourages Internet users to organize something similar in return.

- Action will be called a simple enough: “Give me the change Durova” - in his offer Learn kolch_ch78. - Nice guy from the innovator and innovatsionera zazhravsheysya turns into fat cats.

Of the three options: to heap Durova iron coins at the exit from the office, throw them out the window or just leave a pile at the entrance - as long as the selected third most humane. However, most calls are not limited to “one-time contribution,” and “Vote mouse” against such behavior.

- Make a simple step - delete your account on the network “Twitter” - calls maaddi. - Let these “five thousand” stand in the throat of our young genius. Empty “facebook” - that’s what scared Durov. For this he was satisfied with his mediocre promotions, combining scandal and bad taste.

Call to abandon use of the resource, which was called “Distressed Durova”, has already found its posledovateley.Tak, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Andrei Anokhin has deleted his page and explained that because of “festive event.”

Note before your page “VKontakte” removed the boxer and State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev. His statement provoked outrage Durova on Victory Day.

30 May 2012

A new and a newspaper article
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