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A monument to Abai is justified first on our list: just beside it originated motion “invaders.” The idea to create a mobile camp was born spontaneously after 6 May, when people began to indiscriminately detain a white ribbon or simply for the fact that they decided to take a stroll through the city center. Incidentally, the famous Abay with a light hand Alexei Navalny, who wrote in the “Twitter”: “We are going to clean the ponds at the monument to Kazakh incomprehensible,” for which he received in the negative karma. I had to urgently study the creation of the Kazakh poet and thinker, and - oh, miracle! - Abai Kunanbaev was “his” liberal-a pioneer. A monument to Abai especially like the Assembly: May 16 after the crackdown, and wandering around the Arbat Barricadnaya and they once again decided to return here.

30 May 2012

On air BBC mistook the UN flag with the logo of the computer “shooter” Halo
St. Petersburg urge to avenge the founder of the social network “Facebook” for “holiday” Day of Action in the city.

• In Red Square started "White defile" »»»
16:35 Activists in white climbed the stage of the Execution Ground, there waved ribbons and photographed.
• Opposition to one day turn the Red Square in the "white" »»»
On Sunday, April 1 rally organizers “For Fair Elections” will hold a rally near the Kremlin.
• Camp "folk festivals" the opposition will get the status of the municipal festival »»»
How the “Y”, Moscow’s opposition camp, moved yesterday after riot police disperse a Clean Ponds to “barricade” may get a permanent registration and protection from the police.
• In Moscow, Red Square is blocked. The authorities feared flash mob with balls and ribbons »»»
In Moscow, Red Square blocked, the correspondent of “Lenty.ru.” The reasons for the overlap information is not available.
• Musicians will arrange a "watchdog walk" along the boulevards of Moscow after the artists and writers »»»
Another action, entitled “Control walk” after the writers and artists are going to take place in the center of Moscow by famous Russian artists.