Social networks, users are asked to cancel the parade in Rome because of the earthquake

However, the official Rome is not going to cancel the celebration of the Feast of the Republic. However, Napolitano said that the celebration this year will be held in a “discreet”. In circles close to the government, indicate that the funds for the celebrations June 2 (about 2.5 million euros) has been used. However, such explanations are clearly not understanding among the authors of the initiative to repeal the military parade.

30 May 2012

St. Petersburg urge to avenge the founder of the social network “Facebook” for “holiday” Day of Action in the city.
NBA player installed in your kitchen ATM

• In celebration of Kim Il Sung North Korea spend a third of the annual budget »»»
Two billion dollars or one third of the annual budget will spend the DPRK government to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung.
• The deputy head of the FSB was fired after the "immodest" Jubilee of 100 thousand dollars on the ruble »»»
Deputy Director Vyacheslav Ushakov, the FSB could get fired for “immodest” anniversary, and suspicion of corruption.
• North Korea's elite aircraft carry lunch from "McDonald's", while people are starving »»»
Pyongyang, as if in mockery of the international sanctions imposed by the UN in 2006 and 2009.
• Photo Christmas "spree" Russians will give 11 days »»»
Russians on New Year's holidays in 2015 will give 11 days - from 1 to 11 January inclusive.
• Tonight at midnight will come in 2014 in the old style (Only for strong body and spirit Russia and Ukraine over the New Year) »»»
Recall that the "split" festival happened in 1918, when the Soviet government ordered the transition to the Gregorian calendar that was already lived almost all of Europe.