NBA player installed in your kitchen ATM

American basketball player Deshon Stevenson (DeShawn Stevenson) has installed a cash machine at home, says The Daily Telegraph. The machine is housed in the kitchen player “Brooklyn Nets” next to the toaster.

According to TMZ, the installation unit cost 31-year-old athlete is 3.5 thousand dollars. According to Stevenson, and now his friends are always able to withdraw money before you go into the city. However, the athlete is not inclined to engage in charity: for every transaction it takes an ATM fee of 4.5 dollars.

Deshon Stevenson also said that the idea to install an ATM in the house does not belong to him - he podglyadel it from the TV star Rob Derdekeas (Rob Dyrdek), whose house I saw in the transmission of MTV.

1 June 2012

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