In St. Petersburg the participants ‘pillow fight’ arrested for violating the rules of the rally. Under the new law, they face a fine of 10,000 rubles

At the time, was supposed to be fun flash mob “pillow fight” police detained 10 people.

According to online media, according to preliminary information, the detainees were accused of violating the rules of the meetings (Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code), as of the closing date, they continued the battle on the lawns.

The action took place on the Champ de Mars. At 12:30 there are two forces come together - white (born in even-numbered day) and black (born in an odd day). White Team gathered at the Kazan Cathedral, and the Black Team in Malaya Sadovaya.

As reported by the participants in social networks flash mob in action was attended by about 400 people.

In general, the participants ’strike’ were all satisfied.

“Sand in your ears and the hair was, and broke away. (I and my drenched: <)” - written activists.

Note that the detainees to the shares, young people can be penalized under the new rules which came into force yesterday. The minimum penalty for individuals under Article 20.2 provides for a fine of 10 thousand rubles, and in the case of property damage - up to 300 thousand rubles. As an alternative to an article of the Administrative Code provides for fines, correctional labor.

10 June 2012

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