How not to fall for scams? Which forex brokers reliable?

Choosing a reliable broker - the first step to success for each trader. Very strange to watch how people trust advertising easy and beautiful texts of obscure companies, which promise just a golden mountain. Imagine if Forex brokers were ordinary people. And at the bus stop is right for you to such a “broker” and begins to sing his ode about how good he is and all that. Then he says that you only have to give him a $ 500 initial deposit - and the path to wealth is open to you. You would give a person money? I doubt it.

11 June 2012

In St. Petersburg the participants ‘pillow fight’ arrested for violating the rules of the rally. Under the new law, they face a fine of 10,000 rubles
The main concepts of Forex

• Forex Resource - Information Portal for Forex »»»
Review of forex brokers, articles and books on technical and fundamental analysis.
• Forex Resource - Informationsportal für Forex »»»
Bewertung von Forex-Brokern, Artikel und Bücher über technische und fundamentale Analysen.
• The main concepts of Forex »»»
Surely many people have heard of the Forex market and its participants.
• Entertainment adolescent-2010: Games of prostitutes, homeless people and jumping on the roofs of electric trains »»»
“Elektrichking” - We sat with friends at home, the songs we sing, - moaning into the phone a friend.
• Our loony bin rally for Putin. At a rally in support of the Prime Minister drove psychoneurological boarding pupils »»»
Organizers of the rally in support of Vladimir Putin at the Concert Hall “October” double or even triple, and exaggerated the number of participants.