Three people walking near Kemerovo, arrested for organizing “mass rally”

In Kemerovo, June 12, 2012, two local residents by appointment met near the cinema “Jubilee” to take a walk. On this day, all over Russia were protests for the resignation of Putin and fair elections.

One participant walks attached to his clothing white ribbon, the other was carrying a white balloon. To his friends joined by another man, and thus the number of participants has reached three walks.

As reported in the Kemerovo Learn journalist and blogger, Alexander Sorokin, “to reach the area of ​​the peasants are not allowed. Halfway clung to them a few planted Gopnik, there is a police car drove up and stopped the” riots “, sending all three of the demonstrators in the department. Gopnik told police that the “protesters” were allegedly trying to engage them in the procession. ”

The result was a protocol on administrative offense. On the Internet there was photos of the document (in relation to the participant walks Alexis Iron) as follows:

“12/06/2012, in the period from 14:00 hours to 14:30 hours in a group of citizens together with AA Illarionov, Razuvaev II, in the amount of 3 people participated in the mass of citizens on the passage of a predetermined and planned, through correspondence with AA Illarionov on the Internet pages of Social Networks “in contact”, the route from the theater … “Jubilee”, located at 91 Lenin Ave in the city of Kemerovo, to the building at the address: . Kemerovo Lenin Avenue 61, in order to attract public attention to the legitimacy of the elections, as evidenced by presence of AA Illarionov attached to the clothing of white ribbon with the inscription “For Fair Elections, down with the government of crooks and thieves” … The said public event - the procession was carried out without the submission to the local authorities … notice of a public event, thus Iron AV has committed an administrative offense, the responsibility for which is provided for Part 2 of Art. 02.20 of the Administrative Code, … that is holding a public event without giving notice in the prescribed manner to hold a public event. ”

The discussion in the social network “Facebook” commentators note that the arrest was planned in advance and walking the path of the expected riot in flak jackets.

13 June 2012

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In the Nizhny Novgorod region decide to breach the housing

• More than three is not collected. The State Duma intends to introduce fines for "the mass of citizens at the same time stay in one place" »»»
Members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation intend to introduce fines for this kind of protest, as “walking.
• Russian Constitutional Court: Liability for exceeding the stated number of protesters is only possible if a real threat to order and security »»»
May 18, 2012 the Russian Constitutional Court ruled that the
• In St. Petersburg the participants 'pillow fight' arrested for violating the rules of the rally. Under the new law, they face a fine of 10,000 rubles »»»
At the time, was supposed to be fun flash mob “pillow fight” police detained 10 people.
• The court overturned the conviction of an activist, "Strategy-31", having burnt a portrait of Putin's campaign in Nizhny Novgorod »»»
Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod regional court acquitted the party’s action “Strategy-31″ Yuri Staroverova.
• In Red Square started "White defile" »»»
16:35 Activists in white climbed the stage of the Execution Ground, there waved ribbons and photographed.