All of this … I x, Roma (Pseudo-Shirokov asked Mutko added collections of salary)

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko was the subject of another Russian jokes prankerov. A certain “Vovan222″ on behalf of the Russian midfielder Roman Shirokov lamented the persecution of journalists and fans, and asked for a raise. Minister of Sports, as he could, tried to comfort the pseudo-football correspondent “BaltInfo.”

Appeared on Youtube audio curious little conversation. Pranker “Vovan222″ argues that the call on behalf of the Roman Shirokov’s Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko. “Judging by his voice and style of communication - Mutko in the conversation now. But on the whole sheet of course. As you might well get” - wondered in his blog on Twitter chief F-Sport Basil Konov.

“Sorry to call you directly. Hounded us journalists. Terrible mood, depression …” - began to talk of pseudo-Shirokov.
Mutko as he could, soothed upset speaker. “In all, rum, terrible, unfortunately. But what to do? And through it must pass. Take a punch is necessary”, - he advised, “football player”.

The Minister advised not to hide from the media. They say that silence in this case is impossible. Moreover, everything is seen. And the comment “Shirokov,” now all the players’ zaklyuyut “and even the fans, said philosophically:” We have a country. ”

“Now everything is suppressed. But time heals. Day three, four or five passes, may be easier. We have a country. I think after Vancouver - shoot - admitted Mutko. - We have, unfortunately, very politicized result, we do not look at it as a sport. I think a few days pass, everything will be fine. ”

Of course, according to Mutko, mistakes were made during the preparation. And this must be dealt with.

“All this … x n, Roma. Swedes have never won, and they are all on hand. Just applied that in football there are many problems. This transition to a” fall-spring, “these matches your top eight. Little time you were given. This is also affected, - the Minister of Sport. - The main conclusion was right. Now the new qualifying will begin to think what to do. ”

Pseudo-Shirokov complained, they say, is now accused of team, that those on the “night flopped.” “Come on you. I have not read this anywhere else. Now, of course, begin. But is it the first time?” - Waved the minister of sport. “But we were there, however, drank a little bit” - cast bait source Mutko. It is recognized, it should be noted, Vitaly L. disappointed that only a sadly sighed, “Oh …”.

“You see, all we have a little ass. That we are a little guilty: let go football. I do not know how to approach,” - said the Minister. Mutko asked, “Roman Shirokov,” do not ruin the team and not to hide. “This is the worst,” - he said. At the end of the conversation while the minister was somewhat discouraged by the proposal, “Shirokova” to raise wages, but never guessed that the joker was talking to, and not a real Roman Shirokov.

Note that at the time pranker “Vovan222″ played the head of the Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov. He called him on behalf of presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich and ……

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