30-40 Dagestani armed with rifles and machine guns attacked a village in the local Demyanova. Three of the wounded

According to preliminary data, the conflict between local and Dagestani youth has emerged on Wednesday evening at the bar of the village Podosinovets. In the night from Thursday to Friday in Demyanova from Syktyvkar in support of “their” profit machines with eight rooms, Dagestan.

This morning a group of local young people (about one hundred quantitative) popped up for a “showdown” in the area belonging to the Dagestani Sawmill (located close to the Demyanovskogo Police Department). They were met by 30 to 40 of Dagestan, some of whom were armed with rifles and machine guns. Shots rang out. Shot mostly in the air. However, our preliminary data source Demyanova, among the “local” Three people suffered gunshot wounds.

To date, the weapon appeared in the hands of demyanovtsev, and the clash takes on the character of the shooting. Local police can not stop development. In Demyanova hoping for the arrival of the riot of Kirov. Adults demyanovtsy trying to negotiate with older Dagestanis to resolve the conflict peacefully.

23 June 2012

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Walked under the law. Yekaterinburg has filed notice of a walk accompanied by ten police officers and detectives center “E”

• Two hundred and fifty Chechens came to beat the Dagestani villagers »»»
Police in Dagestan difficulty prevented a mass brawl involving 500 people.
• In the north of Moscow there was a mass brawl between the Muscovites and Caucasians. Caucasians have used knives, four Muscovites hospitalized »»»
In the southern district of Moscow’s Tushino Airfield on the street on Wednesday night there was a mass brawl between local residents and people from the Caucasus.
• 50 people attacked a police station in the suburbs »»»
The crowd tried to rescue from the department arrested for fighting with police.
• In the Moscow subway Dagestani stabbed two fans of "Spartacus" »»»
The Moscow Metro man attacked with a knife on two young men.
• Blocked guerrillas during the negotiations was wounded and taken to hospital »»»
The former British prisoner Raul Mote previously gunman in northern England in a few people.