Walked under the law. Yekaterinburg has filed notice of a walk accompanied by ten police officers and detectives center “E”

To be honest, but I had forgotten that a few days ago filed a notification to conduct “simultaneous and massive stay and movement of citizens,” such notice is received by the people known as “the store for a long loaf.” At 8 am I was awakened by a call the police, who asked me politely, and whether or not actually “walk”. I do not believe it, I thought play friends. What I saw then is more like a scene from George Orwell and Kafka put together.

Nevertheless, I was accompanied on the way of my solitary walks 10 police officers and detectives center “E” (the video can be seen on the 4.30 minute in a green Ford). All the same I was not going to bring up the point of absurdity, and let the guards deal with law and order, although he could still walk with them up to 12 days.

So now, it turns out, one can pre-order a few “guard” when suddenly you’re ready to shop for friends or a loaf of bread for a jog in the park. But if you do not, you can get both parties harmless, “the battle on the pillows,” which were among the first to feel the “charm” of the new law and it was charged savage penalties.

24 June 2012

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• In St. Petersburg the participants 'pillow fight' arrested for violating the rules of the rally. Under the new law, they face a fine of 10,000 rubles »»»
At the time, was supposed to be fun flash mob “pillow fight” police detained 10 people.