Instead, flash mob, we went out of town to drink! Across the country, police disperses dancing flash mobs in memory of Michael Jackson

In St. Petersburg, police dispersed a rally in memory of Michael Jackson. As the 100-channel TV, fans of the pop king staged a rally near the U.S. Consulate in Furshtatskaya street.

Note that when overclocking Interior Ministry officials were guided by a new law on rallies: the organizer accused of violating the “established order of assembly.”

At the same fans just hung on the wall of the U.S. embassy a banner reading “We remember. We mourn” and tried to connect brought with them loud-hailer. However, police officers accused of violating the law gathered for improvement and that they interfere with passers-by.

“We just did not think that this rally. This is not some kind of organized action. We are not advocating anything, just want to on a day to get together and be together,” - said one of the fans of Michael Jackson, who came to Furshtatskaya street.

As a result, the guards have detained one of the participants dressed as Michael Jackson, as well as the organizer of the action. In the latter, a protocol on administrative violation of st.20.2 Code (violation of the established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing).
In Tambov police also broke up a flashmob dance fans of Jackson
All gatherings are now equal to the rallies, the organizers if they do not have the permission of the authorities - this information was not news to the residents of Tambov, decided to organize a flash mob dance in memory of Michael Jackson. But the guys did not expect that the police will intervene in the course of an entirely innocuous actions and forbid them to speak at a local amusement park.

Dancers from Tambov have repeatedly staged rally in honor of the King of Pop. In the past year, according to Portal “VTambove”, they performed a fiery dance from the video “Thriller”, today, have been held three performances of the song “Bad”. Participants of the flash mob happily came into the club, “Beehive” and the shopping center “Real” and then went to a local park. There was already a crowd of spectators, but they had to break up: the police banned the dancers hold share.

Organizer flash mob occurred optimisster evaluated negatively. “To Dance rehearsed dance in honor of the great pop idol is now equal to rally against Putin and Medvedev to litter,” - he wrote on his LiveJournal. He also added that in his opinion, the authorities prefer to citizens “sipped beer in the country“, not “staged useful for us (members of flash mobs - Ed.) And pleasant for those around entertainment.” “The State, I congratulate you. Flashmob Instead we went out of town to drink, thou has made her” - summed optimisster.

26 June 2012

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