Chairman of the Standing Committee on Crime Prevention Deputy Mayor Zarechny organized attack on the recreation of his friends from the 30-bit and travmatikoy

Skirmish on the beach in Zarechny, which hit several people, provoked the wife of deputy chief of staff, making a brawl. In the words of the witnesses the incident, she did not like the music at a disco in the open, put it in response to the perimeter. After that offended husband, an official called for help three dozen armed commandoes, which staged a gunfight.

Today has learned the details of an incident that occurred Saturday evening on the beach in Zarechny. Recall at the recreation center “Beloyarka” skirmish, which resulted in several injuries and were hospitalized in the hospital Zarechny and Yekaterinburg. According to the official version, which sounded at the police head office, there was a conflict between local residents and tourists from Yekaterinburg, however, sources in Zarechny argue that it is not.

As told to “New Region” deputy of the local City Duma Mikhail Kovalev, the incident provoked Zarechny woman - the wife of an official of the city administration. “Deputy head of the wife of Constantine Zarechny Shifa, Marina, arranged brawl at the beach resorts’ Beloyarka.” There’s a disco night was held in the open. And she (Marina Schiff) did not like the music - it is too quiet or too loud, the songs are not the She began dropping musical equipment, spoil her, claim the DJ voice, “- said the agency interlocutor, noting that such behavior is the wife of an official notice and administration Zarechensky earlier.

After some time, sweaty woman and accompanied her husband and her father put up with the base. “It is, of course, removed from there to the rough form of the base members, but in response to this, Schiff, who, incidentally, has served as chairman of the Commission on Crime Prevention, appealed for support to force a certain group of young people, in the end about 10 pm about 30 people came to the beach this holiday villages and began to beat indiscriminately, - told the “New Region” Mikhail Kovalev. - They broke into the base and beaten with batons present, fired from “travmatiki.” In response to the campers’ Beloyarke “steel shoot a shotgun. Everything was literally covered with blood. ”

According to the source of the “New Region” by the attackers, “support group” Shifa was not just young people, trained paratroopers. “Now it will be difficult to prove that it was precisely the paratroopers, but one of the assailants, who is now hospitalized - is the director of military-patriotic club” Paratrooper “Sergei Evsikov - sure Kovalev. - But then there’s the police did not react in full. Signal received time, but the acting police chief Zarechny Volkov did not take adequate measures.

2 July 2012

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