Wedding protest. Nizhny Novgorod activists agreed on their wedding under the new law on meetings

By the way, returning to the ongoing activities. We are not limited to one “loaf for the procession.” We look forward to report Olga Karpova for her walk in search of the man. Known in advance, instead of guy she picked up an accordionist (Olga somehow separates these two concepts) and talked to the police.
Following a solemn wedding of Catherine Alexander Krasnov and sister Maria. The party was held on the intricate route: a meeting near the boats, the Hero, a trip to pl.Gorkogo from there - walk to Pl. Minin with a final penetration of the Kremlin and the complication of a white ribbon on the door of the administration. Used posters, political symbols and sound-amplifying equipment!
We wish the newlyweds happiness and the strength of their marital union, healthy children (one of them, according to the plan, Sasha and Katie like to become the head of the country) and all the best!

4 July 2012

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Crime Prevention Deputy Mayor Zarechny organized attack on the recreation of his friends from the 30-bit and travmatikoy
In Novomoskovsk fired fire of revenge burned the house and then helped them to put out

• In Red Square started "White defile" »»»
16:35 Activists in white climbed the stage of the Execution Ground, there waved ribbons and photographed.
• Making your child's birthday balloons »»»
Children are waiting for a holiday look and happily respond to every detail of the celebration.
• Posters. Propoganda health osoznnanosti. Campaigning with humor on serious subjects. »»» - posters and thought-provoking. Tool for the creation and dissemination of visual propaganda in the form of posters aimed at promoting the ideas of sobriety.
• At the airport, the New York air traffic controller assigned to manage the aircraft of your child, the children talked with the pilots. »»»
In the U.S., two young children instead of regulated air traffic controllers at the airport in New York.
• In Primorye, the students and teachers were driven to the festival at gunpoint »»»
As reported by RIA “Date’s” Senior Assistant Attorney Maritime Elena Telegin.