In Novomoskovsk fired fire of revenge burned the house and then helped them to put out

In the Tula Region police arrested a senior firefighter in the past, who is suspected of serial arson. And their crimes pyromaniac filmed. According to the preliminary version, the motive was revenge for the dismissal from service.

28-year-old former Fire Service MES has been detained in Novomoskovsk, “Interfax” referring to the spokesperson of the regional police department Andrew Yartseva. Together with a former firefighter-arsonist arrested, and his 20-year-old accomplice.

According to Andrei Yartseva, police uncovered a series of Novomoskovsk intentional burning of houses, which took place in April and June. In total there were eight such cases.

“From the beginning of April, residents of wooden houses Novomoskovsk were not a little alarmed. Over and over again on different streets of the city broke the house - told police. - In older buildings, partially settled, still living people who could become victims of fire.”

Evaluate and detain suspects was in early July. 20-year-old local man has confessed to the two arsons.

A former chief of the guard of the fire station was caught red-handed while trying to set fire to the next. “A year ago a man was fired for negative reasons. And, according to one version, it was revenge from him for unfair dismissal, - explained the curious reasons criminals in the Interior Ministry. - He was shot on his cell phone set on fire, and even then he was involved in fire fighting. ”

Video records of fires on a mobile phone dismissed firefighter who received special education, are evidence of his involvement in the arson.

6 July 2012

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