Beijing was one of the favorite cities of Russians

Vladivostok residents love their city. Voted for it almost 98% of the population, according to RIA PrimaMedia with reference to the national project of We Love Russia.
In early February, the city launched the site ratings -, which aims to find out which city in Russia, most popular and loved.
The aim of creative associations We Love Russia was the cultivation of love for their country, but not a fanatic and not “to extremes,” and an authentic and humorous.
Project WLR caused public outcry, so it became clear that the people of our country is not so wanted “fell from the Raska.”
In the top of the favorite cities of Russia fell and Vladivostok. Voted for him 97.0% of the population.
Each user of the site can vote for one or more of your favorite cities, and thereby raise their rating, which allows for virtually every possible demographic differences settlements. Rankings are dynamic, their value changes every second, and if today is a city in the lead, it is possible that tomorrow, his rating will drop, and an outsider, in contrast, knocks at the top.
Initially, in the ranking were only cities. But, considering the wishes of the public, we’ve added all the cities with populations greater than 100,000. At the moment the site was attended by almost half a million people

7 July 2012

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