Fishing for redfish in the twister

The advantage of Twister in Okuneva to various fishing[[t:tag slug=rybalka]fishing spinners in the first place is his game. When posting a ponytail Twister makes frequent fluctuations, thus attracting the fish. In addition twister has a much smaller percentage zatseplyaemosti, and if trolling is difficult to conduct over the bottom, thickly overgrown with grass, then with a little skill twister can do it with ease

16 July 2012

Beijing was one of the favorite cities of Russians
In Nizhny Novgorod false police staged a “stag” in the center of town (they were detained and taken to the real police)

• 24 to 27 June at Rybinke Corporate »»»
The name of the event from 24 to 27 June at Corporate Rybinke Event Description joint trip to the fishing on the Rybinsk vdhr.
• Fishing in March watch online »»»
How is the fishing in the first month of spring, the main exciting moments on the different classes of catching fish, the main gear and the most delicious bait for a successful game consoles.
• Today, all over Russia rallies against a fee fishing »»»
Quoting and his cohorts continually lie where they can, that introduce a fee fishing on fish-cards offer themselves fishermen.
• In Moscow on March 13 starting Russian "Disneyland" »»»
In Moscow on March 13 will be the opening of one of Russia’s largest indoor amusement parks Happylon.
• Two fishermen from Italy caught a 127-pound catfish (fish length is 2 meters 70 centimeters) »»»
Two fishermen from Italy caught a 127-pound catfish. Fish length is 2 meters 70 centimeters, according to the British newspaper Telegraph.