Drunken journalist argued with staff at the district department of a box of beer, the shots in the bank. And shot you know!

According to the security service of Privatbank, about 22-30 on the front door of bank branches has been made aiming a shot from the shotgun 16-gauge, resulting in broken glass on the door of the office and worked security alarm. The attackers fled in a car, a sleeve of the cartridge was thrown at the scene. A few minutes after the bombing of the bank surveillance materials (which are equipped with all, without exception, branch of Privatbank) were transferred to the police, and investigation group managed to arrest drunken offenders to "hot pursuit".

As it turned out, the shelling of a bank branch employee made a local newspaper GP, and shooting, he and his neighbor in a rented apartment, an employee of the local district department of the MOE AA, led from the service "nine" gospozhnadzora. In Globinsky police department drunken detainees barely able to report that shortly before the incident, sitting in cafes and argued for a box of beer, that a journalist - an avid hunter will be able to accurately hit any chosen target. And the most illuminated and attractive target in the dark streets of the village and just turned a bank branch with a green square.

In fact shelling bank branch addressed the issue of a criminal case, the damage to the bank in the amount of UAH 5 000. been redressed "hunter" in full. Weapon and a bag of cannabis, accidentally discovered during a search jointly rented apartment newspaper employee and MChSnika, withdrawn, the press service of Privatbank.

17 September 2009 | bank, beer, branch, door, journalist, officer, safety, service

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