Foreign tourists may be able to enter Russia for three days without a visa

Foreign tourists may be able to enter the territory of Russia for up to three days without a visa. In this case, such a regime will be used only to visit some cultural events. The corresponding bill prepared by the Ministry of Culture, said Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets.

“We want to implement a program to increase the flow of tourists, as our visitors, especially school children and children in Russia, and (enter) the visa-free entry tourism for three days (for foreign nationals),” - said Golodets. “To visit Russia to attend the Mariinsky Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre and the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater,” - she said. Also, the program will spread to major museums.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the department is now in developing appropriate legislation. “We hope to make it in the fall, tentatively in October,” - she specified, RBC news agency reported.

According to Olga Golodets, a practice long in place in many countries. In addition, this scheme is used in Russia for passenger water transport, such as cruise ships in St. Petersburg and the Far East.

20 July 2012

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