Please note, the contest!

Please note, the contest!

It must be somewhat insulting to know that you - an excellent cook, but your ability to evaluate nobody, except for family and friends.

We offer you a great way to correct this injustice.

People who know how happy and loving family vkusnyashechkoy!

It is for you to declare superkonkurs the best recipe!

Send us your most wonderful recipes and drinks, is admired for its culinary abilities, not only from friends and relatives, but also a huge number of virtual audience. Fight and win over its competitors thanks to its inimitable culinary talents!

Monthly Contest starts on August 1.

The number of submitted recipes from you is unlimited.

Conditions of Competition

To participate in our contest for the best recipe, you should:

1) Share with your friends from social networks of information about their participation in the competition (to establish the status of the speaker, for example, “I’ve been involved in the culinary competition at the site Waiting for your vote for my recipes!” Or “I want to win in the competition for Vote for this site my recipe “);

2) Subscribe to our site. After you have subscribed to the newsletter, will be sent by e-mail you specified - should confirm your subscription to our news (click on the link in the email).

3) Submit a photo or video of your exclusive meal or drink. Next to the culinary masterpiece should be placed the words “Especially for”.

An example of a sample of correct registration counter will be added to this page at the beginning of the competition!

Recipe with the highest number of votes will be awarded a cash prize.

25 July 2012

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