Churov: Youth need to know how a sandwich horseradish smeared power

CEC arrived at Seliger, not with empty hands and meeting gifts to young people with creative t-shirt slogans. Among them were, in particular, and these pearls: “Every woman who comes to work with the CEC, it is beautiful” or “If people can not stand with the feet of the front, it does not work.”
Young people at the meeting, too, in the sense aktivnichala gifts. Most of them are subtle allusion to the word “wizard”, which in recent months is associated Churov. Thus, the head of the Central Executive Committee was presented with a print shirt, “the desire of the Executive”.

“Give you can, but the desire to have done,” - said on this occasion Churov. And he got some stick-izbiralochka, which was intended donor should be used as a talisman. And one of the girls, apparently by analogy with the old man Hottabych even asked for a hair from the beard of the head of the CEC. “I will not give. Each of hairs - the beard will not” - with a smile, he retorted, reminding that “beard deserved, she ‘41.”

Of all the many gifts Churov declined to only one - a white ribbon. “These gifts I do not take, they remind me of used condoms” - cut off Churov.

CEC elaborated on the problems of modern electoral system and outlined the prospects for the next three years. He promised that by 2015, electronic voting will cover 100 percent of polling stations of the country, and them in the order of 96 thousand Russian Furthermore, there are real plans for equipping sites with webcams and organization of Internet voting for the Russians who reside abroad.

27 July 2012

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