NASA is developing technology to print any objects with 3D printers on board spacecraft

Damage to the Space Station, and even more interplanetary spacecraft in most cases can not be corrected. In fact, it is shown nakaune kosmoteleskop Kepler, and the incidents of this kind in the manned ships will also have very tragic consequences. To address this question, NASA is developing technology that combines the features of 3d-printer, and welding. On assurances of representatives of agencies, it will make it possible to produce a body of any shape (for the replacement of the failed) on board the spacecraft. But 3d-printing can be done in different ways …

29 July 2012

News of distance learning. The first swallow
In Makhachkala, the children played in the terrorist

• China has mastered the Russian aviatehnologii that could change the military balance »»»
China for decades, has mastered the Russian military technology and
• Construction company NSC »»»
One of the main directions of the company is building arch structures out of sheet metal on progressive technology, “MIS Indastrial”.
• Passenger aircraft mistakenly sent the message "we smash" »»»
The flight of British Airways on Tuesday followed from London to Hong Kong and flew over the North Sea, the passengers heard on the intercom announcement: “We now ship split.
• Construction of houses. We know everything about houses! »»»
This site contains information about the construction of cottages, modern building materials, contemporary design, architectural history and building technology.
• Moscow officials to develop a board game on the effective management of finances »»»
Board game for the effective management of budgetary institutions will develop for officials in Moscow in 2016.