News of distance learning. The first swallow

This fall will start a worldwide program of distance learning edX. She developed the Harvard, MIT, and recently acceded Berkeley. The newly announced courses in computers, chemistry, and honey. Statistics. Education has so far (this year) is free, sign up while there is a vacancy. The course includes lectures and quizzes after them, web seminars, exams. Promise that the exams will be the same as those in the world’s best schools. Passed the examination will receive a certificate. Many believe that this program will transform higher education …

29 July 2012

“Prodigal berry” spent 12 days in the dense forest
NASA is developing technology to print any objects with 3D printers on board spacecraft

• All information about the psychological training »»»
Voronezh Training Programs. Developmental courses. One of the priorities of our laboratory is conducting training sessions: business training.
• TV Program »»»
Certain types of video adapters interface drive is fairly simple
• The government will allocate 5.4 billion rubles for the development of children's center "Artek" »»»
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a program for the development of the international children's center "Artek" for the years 2015-2020.
• Configuring a 1C Enterprise 8.1 and 8.2 »»»
Good day! I would like to introduce you today with a line of video courses for 1C Enterprise 8.
• Jobs tanks and marines appeared on Ukrainian sites work »»»
Recruitment agencies in the Ukraine started to publish vacancies on the army post.