“Prodigal berry” spent 12 days in the dense forest

Pensioner went into the woods to pick mushrooms and berries. This year’s crop of wild lot, so carried away and did not notice that descended from the trail and got lost. Deluded old man picked up the tourists in 13 days[/t:[t:tag slug=sutki]days.

In the dense forest grandfather, Ivan spent 12 days and nights. Instead of bed damp earth. Cold nights warmed by a jacket, which he took with him to the campaign. Meals served only spring water. These forests are a 74-year-old Ivan knows inside out. But whether the age is not the same, or went into uncharted path. Although, if at the beginning of the path at each step met berries and mushrooms, then only the most dull roots and herbs. For twelve days in the stomach does not have visited nothing to eat except water.

“Perfect zero, even smoking was not. Well, I feel alone, I would still have held out for three days, 12, 15 days, I would have passed”, - said Ivan Byankin p.Birakan resident.

The fact that his grandfather, Ivan did not return home, said a neighbor, and told his family. Waited night and said to the police. Retiree looking for three days the entire village.

“The man was gone, of course, worried. Already sick and feet, where to go what would be sitting at home. I, for instance, strawberry can not go. I once went for it, do not go. In such a pale, so hot. should sit at home in such year. And he went well here, and found himself “- said the niece of Ivan Filippov Byankin Hope.

Later to find out and the Emergency Situations Ministry.

“Asked permission of the, shall we say of those who sometimes went with him to collect. Identified the area, they estimated, where he can go where it can be” - says first deputy head of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry Alexander Safronov EAO.

A group of 10 people scouring the woods in the area and Kuldur Birakan all day, but the search yielded no results. As it turned out later, Ivan went in the opposite direction and went to the river Soutar. This was a pensioner’s rescue.

“I know that the river will never get lost, I know. Go to the river, on the water. Water to the people will always, always. Never tested thousands of times. That leg has refused to go to another thing as well -” FY “, - said Ivan Byankin p.Birakan resident.

A few days Ivan walked along the river. On his way he met a living soul. Finally, he saw the tourists. They floated on the Soutar. As a pensioner, and the water was taken directly to his native village. Now he laughs and says that it was another adventure in his life. If health permits, is going to go camping again.

29 July 2012

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