In Makhachkala, the children played in the terrorist

In Makhachkala, looking for young “terrorists.” On Sunday morning, three children aged 10 to 12 years, decided to play on the nerves of passengers trolley, who was riding down the avenue Akushinsky.

- With a cry of “Allahu akbar!” they are thrown into the cabin trolley bag yellow, from which protruded the wire, and then fled. One of the thugs shot “feat” Friends of the mobile phone - said, “CP” in the Interior Ministry of Dagestan istchonik. - The incident occurred at about 8.30 am.

The frightened passengers called the police. Sappers examined the package and found inside a fake explosive device: a wooden block and a few wires.

- Hooligans are seeking - the Interior Ministry said. - The issue of ovzbuzhdenii criminal case on “hooliganism” and “false report of terrorism.”

29 July 2012

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Yesterday in Russia violated the law on mass rallies and here and there were riots. At 300,000 nobody fined

• For false reports of terrorist attacks in Russia now provide real time »»»
Leninsky district court in Rostov-on-Don found a local resident, Vladimir Bagina guilty of false reporting of acts of terrorism and sentenced him to a real prison term.
• Ingush policemen, went to the colony for lezginka shooting in Sochi cafe »»»
Lazarevsky Sochi district court sentenced him to a real prison terms of three traffic police, natives of the republic of Ingushetia, a fight with the shooting in the cafe “Courage” in July last year.
• Ukrainian media "burned" 140 people in Sheremetyevo »»»
News about Russia some Ukrainian media prefer to invent. Moreover, according to the principle "the worse the better.
• At the airport, the New York air traffic controller assigned to manage the aircraft of your child, the children talked with the pilots. »»»
In the U.S., two young children instead of regulated air traffic controllers at the airport in New York.
• In Khabarovsk Krai drunken sailors on a cruise ship brought »»»
In Komsomolsk-na-Amur in the transport prosecutor’s office of surveillance activities