Yesterday in Russia violated the law on mass rallies and here and there were riots. At 300,000 nobody fined

Yesterday in Russia violated the law of mass rallies. I mean, of course, the celebration of paratroopers. Mass at the same time people stay in one place with no one consistent, and the police did not constitute the protocols and detained members of the unauthorized activities.
Marines pelted police with stones in Rostov-on-Don, but the riots were never charged or arrested, merely amounted to the protocols on administrative violations. Although the portrait chihnuvshemu Putin did not hesitate to give 15 days. Think.

3 August 2012

In Makhachkala, the children played in the terrorist
Residents Zimovniki can not find a council for the MP-United Russia: He painted the walls with paint, throwing bricks through the windows and breaking other people’s cars

• July 26 - Day paratrooper »»»
6 July 1930 a group of pilots, paratroopers, led by B.
• In Rostov, a teenager in police uniforms "fined" citizens in the park »»»
In Rostov-on-Don arrested 17-year-old, who form the police “fined” citizens, earning a “change” more than 500 rubles.
• Independence Day in Warsaw, pogroms, arson and mass arrests »»»
About two dozen wounded, more than two hundred detainees. This is the result of mass riots in Warsaw.
• UK police caught 19 wanted criminals, asking them to pick up free beer »»»
British police arrested 19 Derbyshire wanted criminals, who believed in the content of the letters, which stated that the recipient has won a crate of beer for free, reports the Daily Telegraph.
• Gomel resident police sent to a psychiatrist for assurances that "Lukashenko - the best president" »»»
Yesterday, near the department store “Gomel” has been arrested a resident of Valentine Polovtsov, who came to ascertain whether in Gomel can hold “for nothing.