Residents Zimovniki can not find a council for the MP-United Russia: He painted the walls with paint, throwing bricks through the windows and breaking other people’s cars

Tenants of the house number 37 on the street in the village of elevator Zimovniki Rostov Region is not big luck in their home on the second floor of the living lady deputy of the local Assembly of Theodore Niyberga - Tatiana. However, the woman herself much trouble to neighbors does not deliver, but her boyfriend has already exhausted the order of the neighbors.

His feelings for his beloved 59-year-old people’s elected, is rather peculiar and very noisy.

- It may be three in the morning to drive up to the house, waking all the occupants. Turn on the recorder on all cylinders, and music is nasty - sleep does not give anyone. And when he was not allowed into the apartment, he will break the glass, leaving the bricks through the windows, and then lying drunk in the car until morning - sore shared a long-suffering residents of the house Basil Kharitonenko.

According to the citizen, the people suffer antics deputy for many years. No entreaties, no complaints with the police, administration and the Assembly of the desired effect had no effect.

And yesterday, according to Kharitonenko in love with the deputy surpassed himself. Niyberg balonchik took to paint the door and izrisoval favorite, writing, “Here lives b … gk Tanya.” Then, apparently, for those who do not understand the first time, repeated the inscription on the walls of the porch and front door into the entrance (in the figure).

Patience is a neighbor of Tatiana - Basil Kharitonenko snapped yesterday when Niyberg for no apparent reason to split it “Volga”.

All of the above circumstances Vasily in detail in the application and sent it to the District Attorney Shebalkova, Chief of Investigations and Deputy Legislative Assembly Brazhkin Dedovichi area. Text of the statement present in full, without cuts - from the words of a song can not erase.

It is noteworthy that both the administration and law enforcement agencies have repeatedly appealed to residents, just shrug their shoulders and try to throw the issue under the title “deputy.”

Thus, in the municipality did not hide the fact that in the reports that came to them, the name was listed several times Niyberga.

- We send all statements to the police, because the punishment of Deputies is not in our competence - Rostov correspondent hastened to assure a representative of the news agency of the local administration, asking not to call him names.

The police told more:

- In winter we struck up an administrative case for hooliganism against Niyberga and he was punished. Now we have a statement from Kharitonenko whom the deputy crashed the car. In materials testing, we’re doing, seen signs of a crime under the article “Deliberate destruction or damage to property.” But in any case in this business, if it excite, will be engaged in the investigation department of the investigative committee, because the MP is - spetssubekt - summed up the guardian of order, and expressed his opinion to the effect that the first thing MPs and party fellows themselves from the “ER” should bring to justice his colleague.

4 August 2012 | brick, car, house, meeting, mp, paint, region, wall, window

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