“EvroSMI”: A New Standard in Europe will force all bleed the same toilets

EU officials have proposed an interesting initiative. They felt that the toilets in the entire European Union should wash off the same way. For a new project even invented his code name - “EvroSMI.” Now, on the one draining the tank shall be at five liters of water, and a urinal - one, and no more, writes the Times.

According to the British journalists on the research that has been designed to calculate the optimal amount of water for flushing, spent 89,000 euros

It was found that the least water saving in the UK. For example, in 2010 toilets Albion sent down the drain about 1,125,000 cubic meters of water. In second place is Italy (1,074,000 cubic meters), the third - Germany (1,021,000 cubic meters).

The publication notes that the report on “evrosmyva” is located at 122 pages. Analysts have estimated that the average for the EU to flush the toilet consumes about 25% of the water consumed on the farm.
The creators of the document referred to it as a serious problem in the future are going to see to it that in all EU countries were placed bowls with the same volume of the tank

3 November 2013

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