In the United States invent a new superhero - a 16-year-old Muslim-polymorph

Following the Black Widow and She-Hulk Marvel Comics company introduced a new character, a teenager: Kamal Khan was a reflection of the global trend of blending cultures in the U.S. and around the world.

The new heroine Pakistani roots and ability to polymorphism: it can lengthen the legs and change their own shape. The character will appear in the monthly editions of comics in February.

“It is important to tell stories that reflect the changing world. Being a Muslim in America - a part of this world” - leads Reuters words Sana Amanat, editor of the series.

Despite the fact that the heroine is designed to reflect the multicultural experience is special, it is first and foremost a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is and what she should do with a new supernatural force.

The idea of ​​the character appeared in Sana’a during a conversation with editor Steve Wacker series: “He was interested challenges that I faced when she was a teenager. He thought it would be great if we have a heroine who can inspire contemporary Muslim girls’ - she says.

In the creation of the heroine participated writer Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphen, to make it as realistic.

In Khan typical teenage issues: the position of an outsider in the school community and an attempt to meet the expectations of parents.

Note that it is - is not the first superhero, a Muslim in the world of comics, where previously ruled exclusively white men, however, according to Amanat, she soon will take one of the most important places in the universe of Marvel.

“People still take it positively, but the real test, it will be next year when there will be a series of” - believes Sana Amanat.

However, she herself believes that the new heroine endless opportunities for gaining popularity in multicultural audience

8 November 2013

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