Poland’s Minister of Transport resigned due to hours

The Minister of Transport of Poland, Slawomir Nowak decided to resign because of the scandal that has formed around the watches, which the minister has not entered the estate return.

Once the prosecutor deprived Novak parliamentary immunity, the minister immediately left his post due to the fact that he has not made a declaration in the estate purchase Swiss chronometer.

With this news shared by Donald Tusk, who has already received a letter of resignation, and appointed a person who will perform the duties of the minister. According to him, Novak behaved nobly, and welcomes him to work if he will clear his reputation. Tusk said that though the prosecutor’s office to pursue the case, other exit from the Minister was not.

Under Polish law, the deputies must make a declaration in the amount of items purchased more than 10,000 zlotys, that is $ 3,500. Acquired Minister clock analysts estimate at $ 5,500.

According to the prosecutor, the minister deliberately not made the declaration property. According to Polish law for such actions to the guilty could face up to three years in prison.

17 November 2013

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