Foreign astronauts before leaving for Baikonur take the blessing and confess the orthodox priest

Rector of the Church of Saint George in Baikonur Archpriest Sergei Bychkov said that astronauts, including foreigners, in awe belong to the Orthodox Church.

“All are treated with reverence. Catholics are trying to come to church and confess before the flight, because in any case, a person realizes that he goes to where the emergency brake is not dernesh” - said the minister in an interview with the Russian service Bi-Bi-Si.

According to him, each of them tries to get a blessing, kiss the cross and asks to be sprinkled with water.

Confess as foreigners in Russian, “even if it is in broken,” said Father Sergius.

“But we can confess and English. I would not say that speak very well, but I can understand and communicate,” - he added.

Baikonur has become a tradition for the consecration of rockets and astronauts blessing before the flight.

19 November 2013

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