Caring Moscow communal scatter salt without leaving the car

Recently appeared in a Youtube video one very curious: it three employees of public utilities in orange vests throw scoops of reagent body moving truck “Gazelle”. Salt flies on parked cars along the street and passers-by. That the agent does not enter the trees growing along the road, and speech is not.

Copyright video indicates that the wipers work he filmed outdoors Stakhanov, which is located in the Ryazan region SEAD Moscow. Which reactant is dispersed wipers unclear. But even if it is based - a relatively harmless rock salt, then hitting the paint of the car body, the reagent is corrosive to metal.

In 2013, Moscow authorities on competition bought icing funds to 10 billion rubles. According to the contest reagents should consist of a mixture of calcium chloride with sodium chloride and potassium salts of formic acid, dietary salt and marble rubble.

28 November 2013

Foreign astronauts before leaving for Baikonur take the blessing and confess the orthodox priest
Awards are their heroes

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Two young men in Moscow riot police suspected that the north-west of Moscow torn state license plates with the official car of the local police department and threw them into a river.
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Motorists, who shot the video, was forced to break the rules of the road and endanger their lives.
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Here are some tips novice mushroom: 1. Do not gather mushrooms near the roads, factories, etc.
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Head Set Urban, First Deputy Mayor Pyotr Aksenov announced a proposal to address one of the main problems in Moscow.
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Moscow authorities in the coming years plans to build a double Poklonnaya street, located in the western part of the capital.