Awards are their heroes

In mid-October ended competition 4Service Group for the best video of the story Mystery Shopper service. Address competition came many interesting videos, the authors showed that all the creativity, ingenuity and artistry. Participants and do not forget about humor. Entries show how interesting and important work mission Mystery Shoppers. Ideally - a multifaceted concept, and therefore video stories were different from each other.

Determination of the winners was a pleasant procedure for the contest organizers. Summing the voices of fans on all pages Clubs Mystery Shoppers in social networks and reading the comments, it became clear that the quality of service is important for everyone, regardless of gender, age and place of residence.

As a result, gifts sent to winners in different cities and countries:
* Samsung camcorder awarded Eugene from Cherkasy - by the jury;
* Andrew sent from Krasnoyarsk Digital Photo Frame Intenso (Audience Award from the collective 4Service);
* Stella Lebedev (Rostov-on-Don) became the proud owner of a voice recorder Olympus (Audience Award by voting online)
* All other participants sent prizes.

Best competitive video work looking at youtube-channel 4Service Group

Thanks to all participants for the great video, and fans for their support and critical comments!

Talk about the best service, we can improve the quality of service!

Information about the company. 4Service company founded in 2001 and is today one of the most dynamic and innovative agencies to provide services to Mystery Shopping in Europe. For 12 years Mystery shopper who cooperate with the company made more than 400,000 assessments in various fields. Among the company’s clients - banks, retailers, supermarkets, shops network of mobile communication, fast food restaurants, hotels, retail network, showrooms and many others.

29 November 2013

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