For installation suitcase Louis Vuitton brought an administrative action

Upon installation of the pavilion Louis Vuitton Red Square filed an administrative case, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the inspection to monitor the use of real estate in Moscow. As spokeswoman agencies drawn up on the illegal use of land.

A specific article of the Code of Administrative Offences she did not call. In an article of the Administrative Code “unauthorized occupation of land.” For legal entities, the maximum fine is 20 thousand rubles.

Federal Antimonopoly Service in the meantime refused to recognize the pavilion advertising design. “The question of accommodation, demolition of pavilions or advertising structures is the responsibility of local authorities. Powers of FAS is not included. This is not our issue,” - said the agency.

Now Red Square dismantled pavilion Louis Vuitton, which was to be held a charity exhibition. To demolish the pavilion led statements of a number of State Duma deputies who expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in the center of Moscow established a huge suitcase. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called the building a “Trojan horse” and the Communists claimed that the Red Square - a “sacred place” where it is impossible to carry out such activities.

The pavilion, made in the form of a chest of Prince Vladimir Orlov, was to be held an exhibition of all fees which the organizers were going to send to the fund Natalia Vodianova “Naked Heart”. Opening scheduled for December 2. Did the exhibition will open in time for the new place is still unclear.

Who coordinated the installation of the pavilion remained unknown. In “Naked Heart” stated that the agreement with the authorities involved in GUM. In the Moscow mayor’s office, the Office of the President and the Kremlin administration said that they project was not consistent.

30 November 2013

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