Yakunin: Corporative should be conducted, but modestly

President Vladimir Yakunin did not agree with those who argue for the abolition of corporate events, but noted that these celebrations should take place “without snobby bourgeois.”

Answering journalists’ questions, Yakunin said that in the central office Railways employs 700 people. “There is what is called the formation of the team, the formation of a social atmosphere. Iconic There are several dates that we have in the community decided to celebrate - it’s New Year, March 8, and so the New Year - a holiday that is celebrated always: the Bolsheviks, after them, to them. People want this holiday, “- he said.

The president Railways said that corporate parties must undergo modest. “I think everything should be in moderation, it is reasonable without snobby bourgeois” - said Yakunin.

However, he called the “latter-day Bolsheviks delights” calls by some public figures to ban corporate events. “All the same it was: disable tree, prohibit short skirts … it all took place. A good of it?” - Said Yakunin.

2 December 2013

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